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Weather in Ontario

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February 20, 2014


15th Annual Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run

Come ride with Ontario Snowmobile Adventures !
We are a group of snowmobilers in Ontario that would like to share
with you, our experiences and adventurers of exploring Ontario by Snowmobile.
It is our hope that in sharing our ideas, trips and experiences with you it will
make your Snowmobile vacation an enjoyable experience.
In relating our articles we stress "keepin' it real".
We try and make our trips affordable, realistic and trips that
most Snowmobilers can take with ease.
We have added some important Snowmobile Trip Tips which we
hope will make your trip safe and secure.

Ontario Snowmobile Adventure SledHead Team

Thumbs up for ski-dooing and tons of snow !

Ontario Snowmobile Aventure Team
SledHeadsat Large
Each one of us has snowmobiled since we were kids
and are all "die hard SledHeads". We appreciate the scenery, wildlife,
fresh air and making friends on our travels.
keep'in it real
What does that mean? In planning our trips over the years we have
hit the Internet or read the articles in magazines on destinations,
places to stay, mileages etc only to find that it didn't work for us. High mileage, long days, excessive speed, expensive hotels, not something that most of us want to do several times a season. The trips posted on our site are a  "real", unpolished  picture. It is then up to you to decide, depending on what you want from your trip.

 You are welcome to take some, all or none of what we did on our excursion.

When it comes to Snowmobiling Trips you can't count on anything being exactly the same from one day to the next. You're dealing with weather conditions, trail conditions, individual Volunteer Snowmobile Clubs, Grooming operations, breakdowns, and the list goes on and on.....

I suppose that is part of the Adventure and excitement that lures Sledders to
want to See Ontario by Snowmobile.

If my trip left today and it was a balmy +1 and the trails where groomed to table top, then you left the following day and it was 30 below and mogul city we would have two totally different renditions of the same trip.

That my friends is the Snowmobile world!

Most of our trips are done on weekends or we make
long weekends of 4 or 5 days.

We hope that you enjoy your visit with us, as we take you along on our adventures !


Way Back When !

I don't know this lady but boy ! does that sled ever look familiar !
I don't remember when we got the bug to ski-doo, we always had sleds, didn't we?  I do know that things where a lot different back then. It was the days of exposed carburetors that spit gas at you, and everything you wore in the winter reeked of gas fumes. It was the days when sleds had boggy wheels and suspension was 2 springs in the back of your sled. You drove standing up more than you sat and nobody wore helmets, but it was cool to wear
yellow tinted goggles. It would take you all day to go where you can go today, in a couple of hours. There was no such thing as groomed trails. You would count yourself lucky if someone was good enough to have gone ahead and broke you a trail. But usually not !  My Dad would work all week to fix up what we broke on the weekend. By Friday night he would have them ready to go and full of gas. Oh ! how he dreaded Monday. Do I miss the Old Days?  Not on your life, but I wouldn't have missed those times for any amount of money !


Snowmobile Information
We have traveled a fair portion of Ontario and have Snowmobile information
on Temagami Ontario, Bracebridge Ontario, North Bay Ontario
Port Loring Ontario, Mckellar Ontario, Haliburton Ontario
Shining Tree Ontario, Magnetawan Ontario
Northern Ontario - Central Ontario

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